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IT Solution

Unipoint Technologies specializes in building and maintaining a pool of skilled resources, ensuring quick and cost-effective availability to our customers.

In today's business landscape, every organization seeks skilled resources on demand and strives for cost-effective resource utilization. However, the challenge lies in sourcing competitively priced, skilled resources with the precise domain expertise within a short timeframe.

Our Resource Augmentation services offer skilled personnel to collaborate under your direction, aiding in the development, maintenance, management, and support of your applications. Our adept application professionals assist in managing fluctuating skill requirements, bridging skills gaps, and adapting to evolving staffing needs to meet your ambitious project deadlines. Backed by experience and certifications in key technologies, our resources are adaptable to work on-site or remotely based on your specific requirements.

Unipoint Technologies offers resource augmentation services in the following areas:
Business Analysts
Project Managers
Technical Leads
Developer /Senior Developers
Web Designers
Testing Resources
Technical Writers

Business Benefits:
Higher resource quality: Our stringent and uniform screening and selection process ensure the highest quality of resources for your projects. Flexibility in resource management: Enjoy the flexibility to ramp up or down resources as per your project requirements. Increased efficiencies: Our efficient processes lead to a better selection ratio, reducing the time taken to hire resources. Quick replacements: With a well-established resource pipeline, we can swiftly provide replacements when needed, ensuring minimal disruption to your projects. Cost savings: Benefit from savings on hiring, administration, training, and payroll processing costs, optimizing your project budget. We welcome any queries you may have and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to partner with you on your next project. Please send us your requirements, and we'll be happy to assist you promptly.

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